Month: July 2024

It’s Not Just You

It’s Not Just You

Normalizing Phantom Pain


No matter what you think, every amputee has issues at some point or another.

No one is exempt from phantom pain or phantom sensations even though it appears as they do.

Most successful people, meaning those who appear to be living their best life after amputation, do not sit around thinking about phantom pain or wallowing in it, they keep moving, they keep pushing through it, until they make it through…for at least that episode.

I was once told that talking about it and harping about the phantom pain only gave it power over me, so I try very hard not to talk about it.

Moving through an episode, that is what I call them because they come on quick, last for a brief moment in time and then disappear as quickly as they came on…only to be repeated again in the future. But moving through an episode can be a lonely place and often times hard. Making a decision to keep doing life despite it and not letting it get the best of you takes mental fortitude. Some days I feel like I have it…other days, not so much.

This week is one of those weeks. Monday I struggled all day. Tuesday I forced myself to the gym and grocery shopping, only to feel exhausted by the end of it all and only to find it tough to get sleep Tuesday night… BUT, I made life happen for me, not to me!

I chose to get active and I felt better that I had, mentally, even though physically I was still struggling.

You have to choose your battles. Know when to push through  and know when your body and mind need a break.

Just don’t give up and never, for a second, think you are the only one that is struggling. You are NOT.

Be strong, dear Warrior! You will get through it!


I hope you have a blessed week and one filled with positive momentum forward!


ntil next week and as always,

Be Healthy,

Be Happy,

Be YOU!!

much love,



Prepare Yourself!

Your steps backward are prepping you to be rocketed forward.

Ever feel like you are being held down, pushed backwards, not making forward progress?

I’ve been there and it can be so frustrating! Sometimes it feels like you are never going to get back to where you were or progress any further

What I have learned over these past 12 years of setbacks and surgeries, backward movement and disappointment, is that whenever I have gone through those moments, sooner or later, I am back to where I once was AND usually further along than I could’ve ever imagined…and sometimes down a path I would never have seen.

Sometimes these “valleys” take days , weeks or even months. Mine lasted 5 years of hoping and praying that life would cut me a break…little did I know that a simple pop of my MCL in a karate graduation would amount to an amputation 5 years later, and some of the most profound and wonderful moments of my life!!!

We need to remember that when we have setbacks- they won’t last forever, and that these setbacks are stressing us to launch us into something greater than we could ever have fathomed.

Prepare yourself; your heart, mind and body, for something great to happen. Don’t get down and give up, instead be prepared for your launch!

Be prepared for something amazing and spectacular to happen on your life.
Setbacks are a way to a new path and usually one that sets us up for greatness.

Be prepared to be launched!!

This week starts mentally preparing yourself for your launch, especially if you feel that you’ve been knocked down or held back by some illness, frustration, situation in your life.

Start seeing what could be and what might happen and see the positive side, get excited for change to come and push you further than you could ever believe you’d go. Sometimes just preparing our minds to accept change that might come can manifest itself into reality. “If you can think it you can do it” sort of scenario.

Don’t get down, just know that you are being stressed and stretched to be sling shot forward into a whole new situation with all new possibilities.

Just know that you won’t be where you are forever. You are being prepared to experience a forward movement and back to climbing to that mountain top.

I hope you have a beautiful week ahead.

And as always.

Be Healthy,

Be Happy,

Be YOU!!

much love,



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Finding Your Center

Finding Your Center

Breathe In, Breathe Out


Sometimes we forget one of the most basic of human needs, breathing. Yes, of course we continue to breathe everyday, I’m not saying we stop breathing, what I AM saying is that we forget HOW to breathe.

I know I can get caught up in emotions and stress and only do shallow breathes or even hold my breathe, at times. This is not good for us, we must practice taking good, deep, and cleansing breathes everyday.

When we take part in active breathing, we can clear our bodies of toxins and bad energy and bring in the goodness around us, the energy of the earth and nature.

Breathe in through the nose, breathe in good energy, life-giving energy.

Breathe out through the mouth and rid yourself of bad, negative energy and toxins.

We should be taking time everyday to work on this and thus reap the benefits of cleansing breath. Even if for only 5-10 minutes a day. I bet after a while you will make time for longer sessions, only to gain the rewards of spending time with yourself. You’ll be surprised on how practicing breathing will elevate things, such as; stress and pain.

Why WOULDN’T you want to do this?

I know, I know. It’s hard to find the time, but like all things that we want to do throughout a day, we learn to make the time, until you can’t do without it. Building good habits only takes a couple of weeks of dedication for it to stick and become routine.


Try it!

That is your Call to Action for this week.

Find time to give yourself a break. Get comfortable, sit upright and breathe.

Clear your mind of your busy schedule, your to do list, and things that have been weighing on your mind.

Let it all go for this time period and give yourself the time to just “Be”.

If you struggle to quiet your mind and you find yourself wandering, it’s ok, just redirect you mind to quiet down and refocus on the moment.

Sometimes I find myself counting in my mind to redirect the thoughts and get back to a quiet mind.

Stay consistent and don’t give up.

If you are struggling with phantom limb pain you might find this to be releasing.

When stress seems to take over your physical well being try it and find your peace and focus again.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

and as always,

Be Healthy,

be Happy,

Be YOU!!

Much love,