Rescue Me

Rescue Me

Stepping Up For Yourself


Last week I stepped up to rescue two horses and help out a family.

This family was in search of a good loving home for their gelding and Shetland pony but wanted a place where they would be loved and given a purpose.

Too old to be ridden but too useful to be forgotten and left behind.

They are perfect for what I’m all about: equine therapy.

Horses have such healing capabilities and serve a greater purpose than just transportation.

These two were in need of being rescued.

Horse Therapy


How about you?

Do you ever get to a place that you need rescuing?

I think we all hit a valley at some juncture in our lives. However, the best person for the job is actually YOU!

People come and go in our lives. Our friends, and even family, have their own lives and challenges that pop up. We have friends for seasons and then they are gone.

But YOU are always there.

You can count on it.

We need to realize that we are built to handle our problems. We must learn to handle where we are at in our journey of life, learn to adjust our thinking and speaking, learn to pick ourselves up in hard times. I’m not saying you must go it alone during tough times but if you are constantly looking for answers to your problems from other people then you might find yourself alone in the end, and THEN really struggle when things get hard.


Look within yourself.

Speak highly of yourself, where you’ve been, and what you’ve gone through.

You are a warrior!

Understand that only with time, experience, and perseverance can you truly tackle the valleys you will encounter along your path.

You are worthy,

You are strong enough,

You are a warrior!

Rescue someone today!

Rescue yourself!

And until next time,

Be Healthy,

Be Happy,

Be YOU!!!


Much love,



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