What’s Your Word?

What’s Your Word?

The Power of Words, Mightier Than Resolutions



Happy New Year!!

A New Year’s upon us, a fresh start is here

There’s a feeling of renewal and excitement for what’s to come and an urgency to make changes in our lives and in our habits as a new year begins, however, we know how setting New Year’s resolutions can fall short after just a month of setting those goals. Every year I share how I stay clear of New Year’s resolutions, and work more on making lifestyle changes that are doable and goals that are achievable. I, myself, do not believe in New Year’s resolutions but the romantic in me loves doing something new with the new year, the idea of renewing my spirit and recreating myself always excites me.

Our new pup, Senna, helping me record!



Today marks the start of my fourth season of BA Warrior podcast and what better way to start a new season and a new year than a word for the year.  You might ask yourself what does it mean or what does it look like to choose a word for you to live by. It’s like a mantra for the year that can help you stay focused and in control of the things that you want to see changed in you and in your life. This is not a New Year’s resolution. This is a way of life and way to succeed at what you put your mind to.



Join me today, and my new puppy, as we delve into choosing a word for you to live by this year.

Today I want you to think about a word that you can focus on for the next 12 months. a word that will help you become, and do the things you wanted to do. The words I have chosen for myself are ‘Be Present’.

When you figure out your direction and what word or group of words will help you stay focused, then I want you to write them down on notecards and place them where you will see them every single morning and every single evening. For me, I will have my word on my mirror in my bathroom where I begin and end every day.  This helps me keep that focus on my goals for the year.


I’m so excited to start another year of podcasting with you. I am also want to know if there are things you want to hear about, things you’re curious about, or questions you have as an amputee, a supporter of someone who is an amputee, or just someone who needs some positivity in their life please let me know.

Time to rise up, Warriors, and have the best year of your life!

Until next time and as always,

Be healthy

Be happy



Much love,


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